Today we had a visit from Les, who has been a volunteer for Save the Children since 1970, to support our learning about charities and citizenship.  He told us that the charity was founded by Eglantyne Jebb, after the end of World War I when she saw the poverty and suffering of children in Austria.

The charity now helps children in 120 countries, including England, Tanzania, Liberia and Bangladesh.  Les spoke about when he went to Liberia as part of the charity’s work to help expectant mothers.  He also spoke of other work carried out by Save the Children that he had seen first-hand whilst travelling.


We found out a range of ways individuals and groups have raised money to support the charity (£100 000 000) and we hope to come up with our ideas of how we can support it too.


Can anyone in Year 6 share some of the other information they found out from Les?

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