Scarlet Class were very lucky to take part in a ‘Bike It’ workshop today. The children learned about keeping safe on their bike and what to do if they ever suffered a tyre puncture.

The session started off with performing an ‘M check’ on our bikes. This was a series of safety checks on our back wheel, saddle, chain, breaks and handle bars and the front wheel. Once this was completed we discussed what could cause our bikes to stop working correctly. Things we come across everyday in the outside environment can break our bikes  (glass, stones, thorns, curbs) and not pumping them correctly can also cause problems.

After this we began to get our hands dirty! We learned how to remove the front wheel from the frame, how to take the tyre off and find the inner tube ready for repair. We now know to look/listen for the puncture in the inner tube and then to sand down and fix a repair sticker in place until the inner tube is replaced.

Thank you to the children who brought their bikes into school and kindly shared them with others.

What was the most important thing you learned today?

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