As part of our ‘We’re All Equal’ Creative Curriculum theme, Year 4 were lucky to visit a special exhibition at The Discovery Museum: The Black Portraits. The exhibition showed over twenty large painted portraits of world champions of human rights and needs.

After learning about Nelson Mandela and his fight for freedom and equality, the children were extremely curious to find out more about current protestors of peace and human rights. The paintings were immensely compelling and created a ‘feast for the eyes’ with their range of bright colour and provided a powerful message with their faces blanked out using black paint.

Scarlet Class were privileged enough to meet the artist, Paul Piercy, and ask him lots of insightful questions about his artwork. He also gave them a quick workshop about how to create successful portraits.

Next week, the children will be able to create their own versions of the portraits which I’m confident will be fantastic.

What was your favourite part of the exhibition?

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