In preparation for our ‘Olympian’ Creative Curriculum theme next half term, Alison (Bike-It lady) came in to deliver a ‘Healthy Heart’ workshop.

It started with a quick activity outside where we created a physical simulation of how the heart works. We had blue hula hoops to represent our lungs and red hula hoops to represent our muscles.  We were then divided into two groups – blue and red.  The red team had to transfer beanbags to the blue hoops and the blue team had to transfer beanbags to the red hoops – to represent the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  This activity also got our hearts working as we were all puffing and panting by the end!

Back in the classroom, when we had rested for a few minutes, we recorded our resting heart rate by finding our pulse and recording the number of bests per minute.

We then decided to carry out an investigation to see which way of travelling to school increased our heart rate the most – by car, walking, cycling or by scooter. Each child repeated the the way they had travelled to school in the yard. After a few minutes of activity, we recorded our pulse rate again.

Back in the classroom we recorded these results and a calculated the mean average heart rate for each mode of travel. From these results we determined that the way our hearts would most like us to travel is by…cycling, followed by scooter then walking!

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