Year 6 had a lovely start to the summer term today.  We were visited by Oliver, Adam and Gareth from the Newcastle United Foundation. As part of our ‘Fun to be Fit’ creative curriculum theme this term, we will be taking part in a ‘Match Fit’ programme where we will find out about how to stay fit and healthy in terms of both nutrition and physical activity.

In in our first session today, we heard about Newcastle player, Coloccini, and the activities he does every day, for example, eat well and those he would never do, such as smoking.  Following this, we set our own smart goals food and fitness.

We then took part in the ‘Wasking Bleep Test’ where we had to walk a ten metre distance from one line to the other on each beep – 100 times! The beeps got closer together each time and it was a challenge to make it to the next line before the beep! If we didn’t make it, we were out and assigned a score dependent of the the number lap we made it to. Afterwards, we tested our balance. We had to stand like a flamingo and balance on one leg for one minute. Finally, we played a game of ‘Foxes and Farmers’.

We can’t wait for next week already!


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