Today’s YOT session began with the usual game of ‘Getting to know you…’ We passed a ball around the room answering questions about ourselves.

We recapped last weeks session, and recalled what ASBOs were, and what might cause us to be given one. We remembered the consequences and benefits of avoiding crime.

Our session kick started with a discussion about drugs, and our knowledge of them. We came up with lots of ideas and Eddie and Ian were impressed with what we knew already.


We talked about legal and illegal drugs and the appropriate use of them. We were surprised to find out that alcohol, caffeine, aspirin and nicotine were all drugs. We also discovered a dangerous type of drug called ‘legal highs’.

Next we got a chance to look at a drugs box, which showed us what drugs look like and how they are packaged. We saw some horrible images – some people lost teeth, their noses and even their lives! We were asked if we think taking drugs was worth it…

Our lesson moved onto the effects of peer pressure and where it can lead. We learned that it can lead to prison, unemployment and depression in adult life. One bad decision can ruin our prospects.

We then went to the hall to play ‘Tug of War’, which let us see what the help and support of others can achieve when we have positive peer pressure.

We had a fantastic time and can’t wait for next weeks session!

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