Today in Maths the children in White class were learning to use the short division method to solve division problems.

We worked together on the board trying a few together then quickly some children identified that they were confident using the method. These children then became teachers and tried modelling the method for those who were less confident. After a few minutes most of the class had enough confidence to try a problem on their own.

To help them use short division, the children came up with this success criteria to follow;

  1. Write the number sentence.
  2. Draw the ‘bus stop’.
  3. Write the number you are dividing inside the ‘bus stop’.
  4. Write the number you are dividing by outside the ‘bus stop’.
  5. See how many times the number you are dividing by goes into the highest digit of theĀ number you are dividing.
  6. Write this answer above the highest digit, on top of the ‘bus stop’.
  7. Carry on step 5 and 6 with each digit of the number inside the ‘bus stop’.
  8. If you have a remainder when completing step 5, write the remainder beside the next smallest digit in the ‘bus stop’.
  9. The number on the top of the bus stop is your answer.
  10. Check your answer!
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