Today, we carried out an experiment using eggs and different drinks to show us how our teeth are affected by different liquids. We used eggs because their hard shell surrounding their soft inside is similar to the enamel protecting out teeth.

We gathered six different drinks; cola, flavoured water, fruit shoot, milk, orange juice and water, and poured 100ml of each one of a hard boiled egg which was held in a plastic cup. We’ve left the eggs submerged in the drinks and we will check back on them on Friday afternoon to see what damage has been done to the shells.

Ryan – “I predict that the cola will turn the egg black because the cola is black. I also think the cola will break the egg shell because it has lots of fizz and sugar in.”

Darci – “I predict that the egg will become yucky in the cola because cola has loads of sugar in and it is not good for you.”

Jessica Nowak – “I predict that the egg will not be damaged in the water because the water is a healthy drink and has no sugar in.”

Taylor – “I predict that the egg will not be damaged from the milk as milk makes your teeth strong, it also helps your bones as it has calcium in.”

Check back here on Friday afternoon to see our results and see if our predictions were correct.

In the meantime, think carefully about which drinks you choose to drink this week to keep your teeth healthy.

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