Year 6 had a very exciting Monday morning completing a whole carousel of arty activities linked to our Creative Curriculum theme and World War two.

One of the activities involved making poppies and remembrance art to commemorate all of the service men and women who have lost their lives since the First World War.

Next up children made 3D models of spitfire planes to remember ‘The Battle of Britian’ – some children had to think hard about their camouflage and colours so that the enemy planes could not shoot them down.

Then Year 6 helped to create a paper mache model of a World War Two evacuee – they have not decided whether he will be David or Tucky yet though!

After that they created Blitz skyline pictures using pastels for the scorched sky and black paper to make silhouettes of the London skyline.

Finally, they looked at propaganda art work from the time and the recruiting office set to work churning out posters to make people do their part for the war effort.

It was a very busy morning but we all loved our handy work at the end of it!

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