Year 5 visited Durham today to learn more about the Tudor period. Our day was split into three: a walk around Durham to find aspects of Tudor Britain; Tudor artefact handling and drawing portraits in the style of Hans Holbein.

The walk was fascinating – who knew there were so many clues in our local area to help us build a picture of what Tudor Britian was like! It was also very interesting to think about how the area has changed over time.

When handling artefacts we had to be extremely careful as some were existing from the Tudor times – that’s over 400 years ago! With the artefacts, we discussed how they could help us understand Tudor people more. We were very good at asking questions and making inferences.

We’ve already done lots of work around the famous royal artist, Hans Holbein. Today, we found out that he hid secret messages (anamorphosis) in his art to tell the real stories of the people he drew. We then had an opportunity to try this out ourselves in a portrait of our friend. The best bit about it was they we all dressed up as Tudor royalty!

A fantastic day had by all in Year 5! The staff at Durham University were also extremely impressed by how intrigued the children were and the known facts they could already share.

What was your favourite part of the day?

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