Turquoise Class were busy this week in science working practically to understand the digestive system. To understand the process of digestion – which begins in the mouth – we used a variety of objects to create our own digestive systems. In order to mimic how the oesophagus (gullet) relaxes and contracts to send food from the mouth to the stomach, tubes of toothpaste were squeezed to remind us that food doesn’t just simply fall into the stomach. Following this we filled our stomachs (sandwich bags) with food, the enzymes (coke) and acid (orange juice) acted quickly on the food to break it down before it entered the intestines (tights). In the intestines, the nutrients and water pass out and stools are formed. A paper cup was used for the rectum. We learned this is the only part of the digestive system that sends a message to the brain so we know when we need to use the toilet.

Some people were a little squeamish about the mashed up food (as you can see from the pictures!) but there was some amazing teamwork, excellent scientific discussion and questioning and super participation. Well done Turquoise Class – hope you enjoyed it! Mrs Sellars




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