On Wednesday, Year 5 were very lucky to have visitors from Sc.out.ed an outdoor learning specialist company, who came to deliver a Stone Age workshop.

In the classroom, we discussed a typical Stone Age diet and then we cooked some porridge and added some berries and honey. It was delicious!

After break, we headed down to the forest and made a fire to cook some fresh fish! While we waited for the fish to cook, we tried some nettle tea – which tasted different to how we expected – it was very refreshing.

Following our lunch, we heading straight back into the forest, despite the snow we had a go lighting our own fire! It was tricky to start off but then we definitely got the hang of it!

Finally, we had to build our own Stone Age dwellings using stick and other natural materials we found in the forest!

We would like to thank Sarah and Lindsey for such a fantastic day!


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