Today we were very lucky to have a Judo lesson in the hall. John came in from Destination Judo and filled the hall with soft mats and judo jackets.

We began with a warm up that involved lying a bean bag on your back and trying to army crawl from one side of the room to the other. It was tricky at first but we got there in the end. The next warm up involved placing a bean bag on your head and jumping across the room trying not to let the bean bag fall.

Once we were warmed up we began looking at judo skills. The first skill was balance! To build up our balance we had to put the bean bags on our heads and grab the sleeves of a partner, we then tried shake our partner so the bean bag would fall off their head. The next skill was fast hands, we practiced this by holding a bean bag in your hands and moving them up and down while a partner tried to grab the bean bag out. The last skill we looked at was fast feet, to practice this skill one person sat on the floor with a bean bag between their feet while their partner tried to grab it from them – however it was made trickier by the person on the floor spinning around.

With all three skills under our belts we began looking at flipping a partner onto their backs. We had to listen very carefully to know how to do it safely.

Reece – John chose three people as volunteers, one was me! He threw me over his shoulder so my back landed on the floor. I felt like I was going to break my spine but I didn’t because John is an expert and was careful with me!

Tomasz – When I was practicing judo with my partner, I was really happy as I’ve never done judo before and I learnt lots of new skills.

Keegan – I really enjoyed judo especially when me and David had to flip each other on the soft mats.

Ruby – John was really nice, when Cerys and I got stuck he helped us. When he helped us, he showed Cerys how to flip me by flipping me over his own shoulder!

A huge thank you goes to John from everyone in White class!

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