For the past few weeks, White class have been working in the forest each Wednesday building up their confidence, perseverance and teamwork.
This morning, they took advantage of the sunny weather and headed outside as soon as they were dressed in their forest gear.
First of all, they completed a range of challenges that involved them ordering themselves according to their name, age, birthday and then door number. The challenges got harder and harder as by the end, the children were not allowed to speak and had to find other ways to communicate.
Next up was the main event! The class was split into two groups and each group was given the same resources. They had to create a shelter that was freestanding and big enough for their whole group to shelter inside. Using the skills theyve developed over the past few weeks, the teams got straight to work.
The teams were given the chance to look at the other group’s shelter to magpie idea. When they were happy with their shelter, the children had to create a presentation for the judges that would persuade them to select their design as the winner.
After the shelters were complete and all the resources were tidied away, it was time for another group challenge. This time, they had to get their whole team through a circle of rope in less than 20 seconds. None of the teams managed this challenge so we’ll try it again in next week’s forest session.

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