Today Year 6 were visited by the Youth Offending Team.

Eddie was invited into school to discuss issues surrounding crime prevention, and these sessions will run for the next four weeks.

Over the sessions we we will be looking more closely at:

Offending and anti-social behaviour
How victims are affected by crime
The consequences of getting into trouble
How peer pressure can affect our behaviour
Recognising the reality of being locked up in prison and the police station
To start our session we warmed up with ‘The Ball Game’. The ball was thrown around the classroom and whoever caught it had to answer a question. They included:

What responsibilities do you have?

Have you made any good choices?

Name a strength of yours.

Name someone you admire.

They made us think about our strengths and skills that we use everyday.

Next we discussed the role of the police in society – it was interesting to discuss our views on the subject.

We investigated what equipment a PC uses in their day to day jobs. We were handcuffed, wore police helmets and handled batons.

Then we donned our police uniforms and worked as a team to arrest a ‘radji’ offender in the park. We learned how police officers calm a situation, and make arrests when offenders resist. Then we found out how weapons and banned items are detected with police equipment. We learned that this is to keep everyone who is involved safe: police officers and offenders.

We next discovered what Fourth Banks Police Station is really like for people who get arrested and taken to the custody suit and cells. We weren’t impressed by the facilities. The plastic beds looked very uncomfortable and personal items are all taken away. The toilets were the most disgusting!

We rounded off the session thinking about what a criminal looks like. Despite our ideas we actually discovered that criminals come in all shapes and sizes – they can be anyone!

We can’t wait until next weeks session!


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