This morning, all of Year 4 boarded the coach en route to Durham University’s Palace Green Library. When the coach arrived in Durham, we had a short walk through the city to the library – thankfully the sun was shining down on us.

On arrival we met Jennie and John who set us the challenge to find out if the Vikings were vicious warriors or peaceful traders!

We carried out two workshops in the morning, one in the library’s museum gallery and another in a classroom. One workshop involved using the gallery’s displays to find information, learning the Viking language and playing a Viking game called Six Men’s Morris which was similar to noughts and crosses. The other workshop involved handling real Viking artefacts like axes, helmets and coins. We had to decide what the objects were, what they were made from and describe them.

Next up, we were lucky enough that the sun stayed shining so we could enjoy a picnic lunch on the green outside the library.

After lunch we ventured back inside for a workshop with Jennie and Ross. We were shown more Viking runes, rune stones and kennings which are like riddles that describe things without using the real word. We practiced writing our names in runes and then transferred these onto runestone designs using special tools that scratched away the surface of the card to reveal silver underneath.

At the end of the day we were asked if our opinion on the Vikings had changed – did we still think they were vicious or more peaceful? The year group was split in their ideas but we all had reasons to back up our thoughts.

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