Today Year 5 embarked on an adventure to Cullercoats Beach. Mr Storey, Miss Crabtree and Miss Easton thought it would be more beneficial to take public transport there.

In our maths lessons earlier in the week we studied the bus and metro timetables looking at the routes and timings.

Once we got on the bus, we got a Child Day Rover which gave us unlimited travel all day. We boarded the ‘Fab 56’ around 9:30am and arrived at Gateshead Interchange at 9:50am. Shortly after, we were very lucky, as we stepped onto the Metro platform, the Metro pulled into the station.

When we arrived at their beach, the children were given the rules, then given time to explore. The children discussed the similarities to our current class novel Floodland. As well as discussing the changes in the tide and what had happened to the caves the children had lots of fantastic learning opportunities during the day.

We had lunch around 11:45am, once we had all finished our lunch. We had some free time to play on the beach and paddle in the sea.

The children had a fantastic day at Cullercoats. Mr Storey and Miss Crabtree were so impressed at all the children’s: maturity, responsibility, politeness and how sensible they were throughout the trip.

Well done Year 5 – we are very proud of you!



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