Year 5/6 had an excellent morning at Bowes Railway taking part in a World War Two evacuation reenactment. This was a great opportunity for Year 5 to develop some prior knowledge about World War Two as it will be their first topic when they start Year 6! It was also a great opportunity for the Year 6 team to get to know the children who will be in their classes next year.

Our first activity was making a gas mask – as we needed this to take with us when we were evacuated. We then received our ration books and headed to the train station.  Here, we received our ration packs – water, a ham sandwich and a jam sandwich. We got into our carriages on the train and tucked in. A German soldier then visited us on the train and showed us the typical food that they would have had. This included rye bread and German sausage.

Finally, we had a tour of the museum where we had a chance to talk to soldiers about the weapons they would have used. We had a great day despite the poor weather! Tomorrow the museum are staging a battle reenactment – we recommend a visit!

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