Today, the Year 5 children became Computing teachers to the children in Year 3/4 (Orange Class). Last half term, the Year 5 children were looking at Coding and solving algorithms on apps such as; A.L.E.X. and Lightbot Jnr. and Hour. All the children were masters on A.L.E.X. in Year 5. The children in Orange Class were “CHALLENGING THEMSELVES” on the A.L.E.X.


Mr Storey and Mrs Workman sat with their feet up as the children in Jade Class became teachers and supported the children in Orange Class. They focused on discussing with the Year 3/4s on their sequence to solve the algorithm and then debugging any issues that they came across.


Walking around the classroom, it was lovely to see and hear the conversations going on between the children and the outstanding progress that was made by Orange Class through the teaching and tuition of the Year 5s.


Mr Storey and Mrs Workman were very impressed proud of all of the children in Year 3, 4 and 5!


Take a look at some of the collaborative learning!

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