Year 6 had a great time on their visit to the beach. It it was very cloudy when we arrived and because the visibility was poor, there was a red warning flag which meant that we could not enter the water. The lifeguards gave us a safety talk where we learned all about how to stay safe if we are in danger in the water. We learned how the acronym FLOAT can help us (ask Y6 what this stands for). We also learned about what the different flags on the beach mean and who we should call if we see someone in danger in the water. By the end of the talk, the visibility had improved and half the group went to get changed into their wetsuits. The other half settled on the beach.

On the beach we enjoyed some fun in the sand before heading off for fish and chips and ice cream! We then returned to the to the beach for a paddle in the very cold sea! Meanwhile…. The other half of the group were in the sea with their surfboards learning how to ride the waves!

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