Year 6 were treated to a very interesting visit to Nissan Manufacturing in Sunderland.

Our day started with a chauffeured journey in the personalised Nissan Monozukuri Caravan bus. Once we arrived we were greeted by Josh and Natalie. We found out that the Nissan plant employs around 7000 local people (some of them we knew from friends and family). We also learned about the different types of cars that are made here every day and shipped around the world.

We were then given some cookies and juice to start our day, while we listened to the story of the Daruma Opening Ceremony Doll. This is a traditional Japanese custom, which signifies the start of a new project. The doll must be signed and painted by he contributors and then put on display to bring us good look. We chose Mrs Targar as our most important person and she coloured in the ‘all seeing’ eye.

We then learned about the brand and the products they develop and sell. At this plant they make three cars: The Duke, The Quashquai and The Leaf. We now know the first car was produced in Sunderland in 1986. We looked at the design process and how the production line makes the creation of cars easier and faster. In our human production lines we aimed to beat our target times and make ourselves better.

We then discovered how cars are made in the factory and workshop. We toured the workshop and saw how the car parts fit together. We met a real life robot – who made friends with a few of us and wrote out our names.

Back in the classroom we took part in the different tasks that will improve our employment skills and make us more productive workers. It was a really interesting day!

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