Curriculum by Subject

Curriculum – Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception)

Teaching in Nursery builds on the learning experiences children have already achieved at home. This develops through to Reception year. Most of the learning children do is through structured play, which is appropriate to the needs of very young children.

Teachers follow the Foundation Stage curriculum. We encourage children to learn through exploration and play. All children in the Early Years enjoy Forest Fridays in our on-site forest school.


Curriculum – Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Children are taught a range of skills, understanding and knowledge that give them the basic skills to achieve their maximum potential during their education and throughout their lives. Outdoor learning (in our very own forest school) is highly valued at Fell Dyke.

The curriculum is varied and outstanding. We aim to develop cooperation and tolerance alongside academic skills and a will to succeed and excel. We encourage children to be independent learners who, as they grow older, take responsibility for their actions.

Learning is continually assessed and teaching adjusted to meet the abilities and interests of our children. A range of teaching styles and approaches are used to actively engage and enthuse all children in their learning.

Children are taught:

The core subjects – English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Design Technology, History, Geography, Music, Art and Design and Physical Education through a creative integrated curriculum.

Children are also taught Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship.



Each day your child will have a Literacy lesson based on a key text linked to the class topic for the half term. All Literacy lessons involve your children taking part in speaking and listening activities. The teacher teaches the children a key writing skill each lesson. Each child has their own targets to refer to throughout their lesson. Children learn new writing skills over the week in lessons. They then use these in an extended writing lesson.

Children also take part in a daily guided reading session where they will develop their reading and inference skills. They will read with their teacher at least once a week and have various reading activities to complete when working independently.



Every maths lesson consists of a mental maths warm up, where children practise mental maths calculations. Children are expected to practise these mental maths skills independently at home as part of their ongoing learning and homework. Children are taught a new maths skill each lesson and will be given time during a lesson to practise this skill and apply it to a worded problem. There is a strong focus on solving worded problems within maths at Fell Dyke. This encourages children to apply maths skills to real life situations.


Topic Work

Topic work includes Science, History and Geography. Your child will take part in scientific investigations where they must plan and carry out a fair test to develop essential scientific enquiry skills. All topics are taught in a cross curricular way where links are made between subjects. Children in all year groups have new topics each half term which all lessons are linked to. This allows children to make meaningful links within their learning. Children will develop research, analysis, and comparison skills within their topic lessons. Children are often encouraged to work in groups to share their understanding and develop key communication skills.



Essential computing skills are taught across the curriculum within most areas of learning. Fell Dyke has excellent I.T. equipment available for children to develop key skills. High quality laptops and IPads can be used within the classroom to facilitate your child’s learning. We also have a range of other equipment that is used by teachers to enhance your child’s learning experience.


Physical Education (PE)

Children take part in two hours of Physical Education each week. This consists of gymnastics, dance or outdoor games. As part of the Year 5 and Year 6 PE curriculum, they attend swimming lessons each week. The children take part in a sports day event during the summer term each year. Children from across the school also regularly take part in sporting activities and tournaments organised off site. There are many after school sports clubs children can take part in to develop team games such as golf, football and other team games.


The Arts

Children are taught key skills within the arts each week. These may relate to painting, drawing, sculpting, building, cooking, acting or singing. Each class has a class assembly once a year where they will share their learning with parents and carers, as well as a song they have learnt as part of their topic. Every child attends a singing assembly twice each week where they learn new songs with our music teacher. The children also take part in a production each year where they have a chance to perform.

Religious Education (RE)

Your child will take part in an RE lesson each week where they will learn about different religions and relate these teachings and understandings to their own life. The school celebrates the diverse cultural and religious differences found in the school. Religious festivals are celebrated in assemblies.


Personal Social Health Education (PSHE)

At Fell Dyke, we have a strong focus on children understanding how to look after themselves personally and socially. Children take part in a PSHE lesson each week which look at a theme to support children with their understanding of emotions and how best to deal with any difficult situations they may face in life in a safe way. Children are asked to discuss and think about how to deal with different situations they may come across in life. In Key Stage 2, children take part in essential Sex and Relationship Education where they find out more about how bodies develop and change. Parents can choose to remove their child from these sessions.


Modern Foreign Languages

Children are taught French in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.


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