School Buildings and Grounds Lettings


We are committed to the principles of engaging the community and as such provide facilities and services that the community can use.

The use of school premises is controlled by the Governing Body who follows the general direction set out by the Local Authority (LA).

The Governing Body enters into agreements which allow the local community to make use of the school building during school hours and before and after school hours.

Governing bodies cannot use their school budgets to subsidise non-school activities. Governing bodies may, if they wish, charge some organisations higher rates to enable a subsidy to be provided for other organisations. Overall the full cost of out of school use must be recovered from the hirers.

LA Direction

Where the LA directs the use of the school for community or other use the level of charge will be calculated on the basis of information supplied from the Finance Dept at Gateshead Council.

Other Use

The level of letting will be set at an appropriate level, whilst taking regard of the purpose and financial advantage of the group requesting a letting.

Long term lettings are subject to a formal legal agreement and charges are set appropriately according to the conditions set out in the agreement.

These conditions are: hours of use, use of materials and resources, building maintenance, out of bounds area, damages, and health and safety issues.

Contracts are issued on a yearly basis.

Lettings charges are reviewed annually by the Governing Body Finance Committee and usually increase according to inflationary costs to ensure no subsidy from the school budget accrues.

Procedures following a request for hire are carried out in accordance with those set out by Gateshead Council. These should include a copy of Conditions Of Letting.

Applications for lettings are via the Head Teacher to the Governing Body.

Agreed charges for lettings:


All charges include use of toilets. These charges are subject to review with 28 days notice.


Lettings Policy (PDF)

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