Year 2

Miss Wynn, Mrs Coxon, Mrs Brydon and Mrs Thompson
Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! Mrs Coxon, Miss Wynn, Mrs Brydon and Mrs Thompson are the year 2 team who love working with Brilliant Bronze Class and Great Green Class! We all love teaching and supporting the children who are fantastic learners and very hard workers!

The children in year 2 are always very busy. Keep checking the blog to see what they have been learning about!


  In order to help your child with their reading at home, the following links are great for accessing games and resources that they will love; read more


Green Class were welcomed with a sign on their classroom door. Inside was an alien tea party. They had some alien snacks as well as their alien cookies. The alien cookies even changed the colour of their... read more


Year 2 received a mysterious letter which couldn’t be opened until 1:30. When they opened the letter they had a letter from an alien! The aliens had left clues for year 2 with a sweet treat at the end. They enjoyed looking for the clues and found a box full of... read more


The children in Year 2 enjoyed an afternoon outside looking at different measures. They had to measure different lengths and create different 2D and 3D shapes. The children also had the chance to measure different parts of our yard. They had to be accurate when using... read more


Year 2 had lots of fun in the forest this afternoon. We made pancakes on the fire and made fairy houses as well as natural pictures using the items we could find. We can’t wait for some more outdoor learning this... read more


Green Class enjoyed art week. They learned all about Paul Klee and how he used bright colours as an artist. The children created artwork inspired by Paul Klee and linked it to arctic animals which they have enjoyed learning about in their creative curriculum lessons.... read more


The children in Green Class have been learning all about the Arctic. They have looked at the environment as well as animals which live there. This week we looked at igloos and why people may build them. The children used the forest area to create their own igloos... read more


The children in Green Class enjoyed talking about friendship around the fire. The children discussed how to be a good friend and what they would like a friend to be like for them. The children put a promise on a piece of paper and placed it in the fire. Everyone... read more


Green Class have been looking at measures. Today we looked at capacity by measuring water in different containers. We made predictations by estimating the amount each one could hold. It was a messy job but lots of fun to... read more


The children in Green Class enjoyed making 2D and 3D shapes in the forest. They were introduced to the loppers and they learned how to use the tool safely when cutting pieces of wood. I wonder if Green Class could remember the tool... read more


Green Class was transformed into a bakery. The children had to help Thomas Farriner bake some bread. They were able to follow the instructions and even got to take some bread buns home. They were... read more


The children in Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Durham University. They learned all about The Great Fire of London. They even had a chance to use a quill just like Samuel Pepys would have when writing his diary. Do you think a quill is hard to... read more
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