Year 4

Mrs Toner, Mrs McKinley and Mrs Targar
Year 4

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4! Everyone in Year 4 works extremely hard to achieve their goals and push themselves forward every day.

Helping the children in Year 4 are Mrs Toner, who teaches White class, Mrs McKinley, who teaches Scarlet class and Mrs Targar who is the teaching assistant for the year and helps every child to achieve their best.

This term our Creative Curriculum theme is Incredible Inventors in which we are looking at famous inventors from the past, with particular attention to the Victorian era, as well as creating our machine inventions.

Keep checking here to see what the children of Year 4 get up to!



Today Fell Dyke were treated to an exciting opportunity, Peter Bakare (Team GB Olympic Volleyballer) joined us for a fitness circuit and an inspirational assembly. All of the children, from Year 6 – Nursery were invited to take part in the morning. We had to... read more


This week, Year 4 have started a unit on stories with historical settings focusing on stories about Vikings. Yesterday we began looking at a story about a Viking called Victor and started to memorise it by using Talk 4 Writing. We learnt the words of the story by... read more


This week was very exciting as all of the children from Nursery to Year 6 were invited to take part in our annual Sainsbury’s School Games Day. All children took part in a range of games taken from the Olympics and Paralympics and competed in year groups against... read more


This morning, all of Year 4 boarded the coach en route to Durham University’s Palace Green Library. When the coach arrived in Durham, we had a short walk through the city to the library – thankfully the sun was shining down on us. On arrival we met Jennie... read more

Terrific Teamwork

For the past few weeks, White class have been working in the forest each Wednesday building up their confidence, perseverance and teamwork. This morning, they took advantage of the sunny weather and headed outside as soon as they were dressed in their forest gear.... read more

Tricky Triangles

This morning Year 4 all worked together to find out about the different types of triangle. They went outside on the yard armed only with chalks ready to set each other tricky triangle challenges. One person drew a triangle on the floor and the other members of the... read more

Rugby Intra Competition

Today year 4 held their termly intra competition and this time round the sport was rugby! After 6 weeks of training today’s competition was a close call with all children showing off their new skills in tag rugby. They remembered to run forwards and pass... read more

White Class Do Judo!

Today we were very lucky to have a Judo lesson in the hall. John came in from Destination Judo and filled the hall with soft mats and judo jackets. We began with a warm up that involved lying a bean bag on your back and trying to army crawl from one side of the room... read more


Year Four are taking part in a cross country competition on Wednesday so have been training really hard to prepare. Mr Warne has led us in a few warm up sessions to ensure our bodies have been ready for our 1200m jogs. The fastest 9 boys and 9 girls were selected to... read more


Today White Class became top surgeons and began mastering the art of surgery to add apostrophes into contracted words. For example – it is would become it’s, do not would become don’t and I will would become I’ll. Although, there were some... read more


White class had an absolutely amazing PE lesson today! They had their first football lesson and began learning some necessary skills to help them compete in the “beautiful game”. Before the lesson Mrs Toner admitted she wasn’t very good at football... read more


After learning all the ins and outs of rounders over the past couple of weeks, Year 4 held their intra-tournament today! With the equipment in tow, all 40 children and both teachers headed up to the field to set up the rounders pitch. White class fielded first for... read more
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