Year 5

Miss Crabtree, Mr Storey and Miss Easton

Welcome to Year 5


Welcome to Year 5 where Mr Storey, Miss Crabtree and Miss Easton work very hard to ensure the children in Jade and Gold class become skilled mathematicians, creative writers and inquisitive  learners!

This half term we are focusing our writing and reading around the cultural stories from Ancient Egypt. For example, we are reading the illustrated novel ‘The Scarab’s Secret’ to introduce children to the Ancient Egyptians and inspire their creative writing. We will be using these texts to write our own stories with cultural and historical settings. We are focusing on encouraging the children to include a lot of vivid description in their writing. To make their descriptions successful, the children will be exploring using figurative language (similes, metaphors and personification), engaging adjectives, powerful verbs and adverbials.

This half term in maths we will be looking at multiplying and dividing and perimeter and area.

We will cover:

* Square, cube and prime numbers.

* Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

* Measuring, calculating and solving problems with perimeter.

* Finding the area of rectangles, compound shapes and irregular shapes.

* Written methods to multiply and divide.

Keep checking in here to see all the fantastic learning happening in Year 5.




Today, the Year 5 children became Computing teachers to the children in Year 3/4 (Orange Class). Last half term, the Year 5 children were looking at Coding and solving algorithms on apps such as; A.L.E.X. and Lightbot Jnr. and Hour. All the children were masters on... read more


On Monday, Year 5 visited the Great North Hancock Museum to further their learning about the Egyptians. The first part of the morning was spent in a workshop, where we learnt about two mummies who stay in the museum. We had tasks to do so we could learn more about the... read more


Today in Jade Class we have been CHALLENGING OURSELVES and BEING RESILIENT when solving the problem of ‘Cycling Squares’. The problem asked to add adjoining numbers (the ones next to each other) to make a squared number. We could only use each number once. However, we... read more


Jade Class have started their Computer Science focus for this half term in Computing. We have been using vocabulary such as: algorithms, sequence, input, output and debug. The children started using the app on the iPads called A.L.E.X. The children had to explain... read more


This week, the children in Year 5 have became Young Engineers. Their brief was to design their own elevator, which had a moving hydraulic lift. The first stage was the design process. The children used the paint software to design and annotate their elevators. After... read more


This year we are collecting items to fill shoe boxes to send to disadvantaged children. Please help us support this appeal. Each year group has been assigned the following shoe box. Reception – Girl Age 2-4 Nursery – Boy Age 2-4 Year 1 – Girl Age 5-9... read more


Today in year 5 the most parculiar thing happened… When we arrived in school we weren’t greeted by Mr Storey, Miss Crabtree and Miss Easton but by three weird looking witches, the Three Weird Sisters. First we all gathered in the Witches’ Workshop... read more


Today year 5 embarked upon their trip to Durham University (Palace Green Library) to deepen their understanding of the Tudors and life in Tudor Britain. One activity which we took part in was studying Tudor artifacts. We had to guess: what they were; what they were... read more
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