Year 5

Miss Reece, Mr Storey and Miss Easton

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 where Mr Storey, Miss Reece and Miss Easton work very hard to ensure the children in Jade and Gold class become skilled mathematicians, creative writers and inquisitive learners!

This half term we are focusing our writing and reading around Coal Mining during the Victorian times. For example, we are reading the short story ‘The Story of Lotte’ to introduce children to Coal Mining and to inspire their creative writing. We will be using these texts to write our own stories with historical settings. We are focusing on encouraging the children to include a lot of vivid description in their writing. To make their descriptions successful, the children will be exploring using figurative language (similes, metaphors and personification), engaging adjectives, powerful verbs and adverbials.

This half term in maths we will be looking at place value and addition and subtraction.

We will cover:

* Counting in 10s, 100s, 1,000s, 10,000s and 100,000s.
* Rounding numbers to a million.
* Reading Roman numerals to 1000.
* Counting forwards and backwards with positive and negative whole numbers.
*Add and subtract numbers mentally with increasingly large numbers.
*Written methods to add and subtract.
*Inverse operations to solve addition and subtraction problems.




Today, 9 children from Year 5 attended the Thomas Hepburn cluster basketball competition. The children looked the real-deal in their Fell Dyke basketball jerseys. We got there nice and early and had a good warm up, practicing on the full size hoops. After that, we...

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Today the year 5 children were very lucky to visit the Woodhorn Museum in Ashington. The children started off in the morning looking at the Pitmen Painter exhibition in the art gallery. We were able to use graphite to create our own pictures thinking about proportion...

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Today is the last day for the children in Jade Class to reach their Accelerated Reader target for this half term. At the start of the half term each child is given a set amount of points they need to achieve to reach their target. Each quiz the children take is worth...

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Today the children in Year 5 embarked on a trip to Cullercoats beach (a favourite of last years Year 5 children). The children left school in two mixed groups to get the Fab 56 bus from outside Wrekenton Health Centre to Gateshead Interchange. We then got on the Metro...

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Our annual Sainsbury's School Games Day kicked off with a bang on Friday 18th May 2018! The children in Key Stage 2, 1 and Reception enjoyed participating in a range of activities relating to the Olympic and Paralympic values. The events included: netball, hockey,...

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Today the children transported back in time to the Stone Age. We built our own dwellings whilst the 'head cave people' made us some delicious porridge for breakfast. What do you think we used to built our dwellings? [gallery size="medium"...

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